New Body Confidence is Just 28 Day Away

A 28 day fitness online guide and healthy that will help you build body confidence, muscle, and give you the chance to win $1000 (AUD). Can be done at home and in the gym.

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Challenge yourself from anywhere with tailored editions

Build a better you in any location with the gym and home editions. Both feature unique movments based on your surroundings. Or just do both!

  • Home Edition

  • Gym Edition

  • Tasty nutritious meals to support your fitness Journey

    I love to eat, everyone does. So I have ensured to give you actual good tasting, easy to make meal options. I have included the Calories and macros to make it easier for you to track your calories.

    Recipe Title

    Recipe Title

    Recipe Title

    Recipe Title

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    Over 100+ fitness demos To ensure good form

    Encouraging & instructional
    video commentary

    Being told what to do helps, being encouraged to do it is what really helped me personally through my own journ

    Workout along with me

    I'll be doing every movment you do, no cuts, no gimmicks. Watch me sweat as you do.

    Take on the challenge and win more than a better body

    Better health and an improved body is enough for most. However you can stand out from most, and be amongst the top 3 winners in this challenge to recieve a top prize of $1000 (AUD).

    Join anytime between March 20th- May 29th 2023 with everyday Challenge entry.

    The 28 Day Challenge runs every day for 3 months. So there will be a daily chance to enter during this period. Not everyones workout week starts on a Monday.

    1st place winner

    The best tranformation gets $1000 (AUD)

    2nd place winner

    The 2nd place runner up gets $750 (AUD)

    3rd place winner

    Finally 3rd place gets $500 (AUD)

    Are you ready for a positive change in just 28 days?

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